Low Vision Clinics

The purpose of the Low Vision Clinic at ABVI is to help people carry out everyday tasks made difficult or impossible by low vision. The optical aids used are not like regular eye glasses. Each device is used for a special purpose. Most low vision aids are reading glasses, magnifiers on a fixed stand, hand-held magnifiers, and pocket magnifiers.

Our low vision doctor and staff professional meet with each new client and their family/support help. An individual treatment plan is developed, including low vision equipment that is recommended, as well as follow-up services from our agency or other community agencies depending on their needs.

Since we normally have your doctor’s medical records ahead of time, our doctor performs basic vision tests including Field of Vision, Lighting impacts, Magnification assistance, Color Tint impacts and more. Since each individual has unique vision challenges, our help is specific to our client’s needs.

Low vision doctor and client

We ask for information about each client’s needs and interests, to maximize their remaining vision. A very limited number of people may still be able to renew their driver’s license (restricted) with a correct pair of high-powered, magnification lenses and driver’s rehabilitation from another provider. However, the vast majority simply want to continue living alone, safely.

Just about everyone wants to continue watching TV comfortably. Many want to work their crossword puzzles, quilting, knitting, reading their mail, newspaper and paying their bills in writing or by computer. Most importantly, each client agrees to a Collaborative Plan with our Low Vision team to achieve what’s realistically achievable with their remaining vision.

In our clinic, clients try-out high powered eyeglass lenses, lighting, special magnifiers and other technology devices. They’re able to take them home for a 30-day trial period with a small deposit.

Blind and Visually Impaired
Low vision doctor and client

Optical Aids

Because low vision varies from person to person, ABVI has different tools to help patients deal with vision loss. Diagnosis, evaluation and training is unique for each person.

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