Doctor Referral to ABVI

  • Your doctor has referred you for a Low Vision Evaluation
  • ABVI will help you with your special vision needs. Your doctor will continue to take care of your general eye health. We work as “co-management” partners.
  • Your doctor will provide required medical records with his/her referral

How will ABVI help me with my low vision?

  • We will call you to schedule your private appointment in our office. We encourage a family member, friend or other support person to participate in this first appointment, if you wish. They can be a positive resource to help with questions and gathering important information to assist you.
  • You will be meeting with our clinic director and a Certified Low Vision eye doctor
  • We will give you several brief, vision tests to help our team determine what strength magnification and which other vision devices might help you
  • You will be able to take most of your prescribed device(s) home for a trial period, after providing a minimal Security Deposit
  • You make the final decision on which devices you keep

Why can’t I just buy special glasses and magnifiers at a store?

  • Retail stores usually only sell basic magnifiers in lower powers. Higher strengths and specialty devices are better prescribed by a Low Vision Specialist.

What will ABVI services cost?

  • Insurance and Medicare will usually pay for your initial exam with our doctor. A co-pay or co-insurance charge may be required by your insurance carrier.
  • Low vision devices are not covered by most insurance plans or Medicare. However, some vision plans MAY have special Riders for Low Vision devices. We’ll work with you on this. Note: our charges for Low Vision devices are usually lower than you will find from other providers.
  • We have a small charge at your first visit, part of which covers our Certified Rehabilitation Therapist to visit your home, up to two times, as part of our service. You will receive personal help adjusting to your new glasses, magnifiers and electronic devices within your own home. We will also be able to help with non-visual adaptations within the home.

You can schedule an appointment directly

Call our office to set an appointment, 616-458-1187 or print and mail this form. We will contact you during normal business hours (8:30AM-4:30PM, Monday-Friday)