Month: April 2019

Summer in the City 2019

Summer in the City is a unique summer program in which students ages 14-20 who are blind or visually impaired can meet and create friendshipswith their peers from surrounding Michigan cities. Together, they explore various experiences throughout West Michigan. The program combines volunteer/hobby exploration, cooking skills, leadership development, and city bus exposure to set up… Read more »

Ocular Photography

If you’re going to the eye doctor, either for a routine exam or an existing issue, you should expect to have photos taken of your eyes. Those images, after all, are a key part of preventive care. They can help your ophthalmologist look for problems — and, if any are detected, to diagnose an issue… Read more »

Attitude is Everything

No one knows what might happen in the future.  Our lives can change in an instant. And no one knows this better than Margie Boersma of Holland, Michigan. On June 8, 2017, Margie lost her balance at the top of her stairs. She fell to the bottom and suffered several traumatic injuries. She had no… Read more »

Celebrating Staff Member, Charis Austin

Meet Client Advocate Charis Austin.  Charis recently celebrated her 40th anniversary with the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ABVI)!   Over the years Charis has passionately advocated for services on behalf of individuals with visual impairments. Among Charis’s many advocacy efforts: Charis was instrumental getting legislation passed that led to the creation of… Read more »