About Us

The Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired offers assistance to people with visual impairment and blindness.  People often come to us when their eye care professional can no longer correct their vision with glasses, contact lenses, medication or surgery.

ABVI restores independence to those with visual impairment and blindness. We help to restore hope through providing low vision services, rehabilitation, education, and vision aids.  Our expert vision professionals are dedicated to helping visually impaired thrive in a sighted world.

Our low vision therapists enable our clients with visual impairment or blindness to confidently live independently with their remaining vision.  These services include orientation and mobility training, refitting your home, and improving daily living activities on improving writing, reading, cooking, computer interaction, and cleaning.  Such activities can become difficult with the sudden transition of vision loss; however, with the right help, these activities do not have to become a new found burden.

ABVI is a full service agency offering low vision services, rehabilitation and education.

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