Staff & Board


Marcus Manders
Executive Director
616-458-1187 Ext: (315)

Linda Zizos
Fundraising & Events Coordinator
616-458-1187 Ext: (314)

Jacob Ahern
Support Services 
616-458-1187 Ext: (311)

Charis Austin
Client Advocate
616-458-1187 Ext: (328)

Chris Hedlich
Occupational Therapist, Low Vision Specialist
616-458-1187 Ext: (332)

Rachel Bringedahl
Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist
616-458-1187 Ext: (324)

Cheri Fox
Social Worker
616-458-1187 Ext: (331)

Beth Wagner
Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist
Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist


Dr. Cynthia Geneva, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Low Vision Doctor

Dr. Lori Smolinski, O.D.
Low Vision Doctor

Dr. Laura Kenyon, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Low Vision Doctor

Board of Trustees

Eric Smith, CPA, Chair
Cassaundra Wolf, Vice Chair & Secretary
Bill Zahrt, Immediate Past Chair
Marcus Manders, Executive Director
Eric Oman, CPA
Randy Brink
Lucy Caldwell
Kim Coleman
Sherah Eavey O.D.
Janet Huyser
Glenn Morris
Alejandro Saldivar
Julia VanderMolen
Jodi Elsen
Carroll Wiener

Foundation in Support of Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired Board of Trustees

Claire Davis Clary, Chair
Gary Anderson, O.D.
Timothy Pietryga
Neil Kimball
Mike Maresco
Thomas Rupp, M. D.
Lanny Thodey
Robert Wolford
Peni Reed
Jamie Junod, Investment Advisor
Marcus Manders, Executive Director