Blindness often is NOT total loss of vision

Eye diseases can cause significant reduction and distortion to your sight. However, we can help anyone with tools, training, and emotional support to fully utilize remaining sight.

Causes for Blindness

See examples of some of the most common causes for blindness.

Best Practices

Learn how to interact with someone who is blind or visually impaired.

Making the Most of Your Vision Loss

Technology Tips

One of our clients, Greg Green, has a strong interest in technology accessibility and education – and he wants to share this interest with you! Check here for helpful technology tips and shortcuts. Have a topic you want covered or any questions? Let us know!


There are many resources for more information and help for families and individuals affected by blindness.


The Protect, Prevent, Preserve Your Eyes Podcast is an educational podcast that looks at various eye conditions and risk factors for developing these conditions. Hosted by two of our very own ABVI members the Protect, Prevent, Preserve Your Eyes Podcast provides healthy recipes, advice from vision professionals and information from scholarly references once a week for the month of July.