It’s Personal

Laura Armenta is the Founder of Armentality Movement Arts Center, a co-op for various artistic enterprises including dance, movement, meditation and yoga. So why does she spend her Friday mornings at ABVI teaching Yoga to clients? It’s personal.

“My grandmother, who raised me from age seven, taught me unconditional love, compassion, determination, history, knitting, cooking, assertiveness and everything positive that I have within me as a human. She gradually lost her sight. As a teen, I had no consideration of her tremendous daily effort to care for me. She passed when I was 17.”

About 10 years ago, Laura contacted ABVI. “Connecting with the Association was absolutely personal. I wanted to do for others what I regretfully never did for my loving Grandmother,” she said.

“She is and always will be with me.  I miss her.”

ABVI Social Worker John McEllron said, “Laura expressed a desire to help people with visual impairments experience the joy of art and movement. She tailors her instruction to each individual. She delights in being part of the blind community.”

Laura explained, “It took several months of learning to go from visual to verbal instruction, and work with other different abilities. Once a sequence of movement and flow was established, things started falling into place.”

Clients love the yoga classes.  One student said, “Yoga stretches the muscles, helps with balance and overall relaxation.  I enjoy it. Laura is a great teacher and great with instructions, which is important when you’re blind. She’s more than a teacher. She’s a friend. We laugh a lot, even in the middle of yoga poses!”

“It has evolved, Laura said. Here, we focus on making sure our mind and bodies are in true harmony. I enjoy learning from the students. We trust each other, we laugh, we learn together. My visually impaired friends have taught me how to SEE the world differently and act in compassion and in love.” 

Laura invites new participants to the group which meets on Fridays from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm at ABVI. “We’re always looking for new class members. This is ‘No Judgement’ zone.” There is a suggested $5.00 donation per class, but not necessary.

Thank you, Laura, for inspiring the lives of everyone around you! If you are interested in joining the Friday morning yoga, call the office at 616-458-1187.