“A passion for technology”

Greg is willing to help others with vision loss learn more about technology

His career spanned 39+ years with Amway warehousing.  While he had already lost one eye’s sight to life-long, degenerative Glaucoma, Greg demonstrated his professional resolve to help Amway with technology effectiveness.

Greg wrote programs to improve warehouse efficiency.  Fox Pro was Amway’s software.  They challenged him to learn the language and create reporting and databases.  With proof of his abilities for Amway, Greg was promoted into the IT Division.  In that role, Greg helped the company computerize their product return process, using desktop computers with Bar Code scanners.  This process cut overtime costs for Amway and helped reduce the number of returns and employees in warehousing.  The best part was that Greg was confident in his solutions and moved Amway’s process forward with business intelligence.

In 2012, Greg lost vision in his remaining eye.  Meanwhile Amway switched to Oracle software, and unfortunately JAWS technology would not support technology conversions.  Moreover Greg couldn’t drive any longer, so he reluctantly retired from Amway having contributed a major impact on their efficiencies.

Greg is interested in helping other blind and visually impaired individuals with technology-access questions and education.  Since his total vision loss, he has increased his knowledge of IOS (Apple) technology, while also utilizing a Sara scanner, Video stream reader and a Digital recorder.  He’s proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel and (some) Power Point.  Greg eagerly “jumps” at the chance to learn more ways to access information with existing tools for blind individuals.  His next goal is becoming proficient with Android devices.

Greg gets “quite a number” of requests from visually impaired individuals.  He eagerly dives into the resources and helps provide useful information.  In fact, he would like to become a resource for people who want to learn more about devices.

Recently, we asked our newsletter readers what information they would feel most beneficial.  A significant number want more technology information to help with everyday life.  Greg will begin a column in ABVI’s quarterly newsletter to provide solutions that he’s found useful for himself and others.