“I want to be proactive about my vision loss”

Lisa’s a busy individual…grad student, flautist, mother of a teenage boy and wife. She’s also doing everything possible to utilize her diminished vision, to live a full life.

Lisa came to ABVI because she had seen our Grand Rapids clinic office over the years, and researched our website for potential help. After her first visit, Lisa told us that “her appointment was incredibly helpful and informative beyond any eye doctor appointment I’ve had. I had so much time to ask questions and get answers”.

Lisa’s vision is challenged by Retinal damage in one eye and Lattice Degeneration (“spider webs”) in her left eye. She’s still able to drive and do things most important to her. However, Lisa also wants to know her options for vision enhancement devices, technology and rehabilitation for her potential needs.

Our team is pleased to provide Lisa with Help and Hope so she can life a fulfilling life for all her years ahead.