“Regardless of your vision challenges, ABVI will find a way to help you”

Twenty years ago Janet was diagnosed with diabetes and shortly after that, began to have vision problems.  While she followed all of the doctor’s instructions, other health-related issues made it impossible to forestall complications. She was taking an emotional tail-spin.

Because she was working, Janet needed to drive.  She went to a local driving school for an assessment. The instructor said that she was okay in some circumstances, but did not have faith in her ability to pass the test at the Secretary of State.  A few weeks later, Janet had another laser treatment, and the next day, drove to an appointment.  Three cars “came out of nowhere”.  She didn’t see them until they were within feet of her car.  Janet parked the car, got a ride home…and hasn’t driven since.

Janet approached the local disability network, asking for help learning to get around.  They told her about ABVI.   She called asking for assistance learning what sort of devices and services would help.  Her Low Vision assessment was the first step.

In Janet’s own words

 ABVI’s staff members were helpful and positive about what could be done to keep me functioning.  

 They have given me much more than devices and training to stay independent.  I’ve been given the opportunity to help form an “active adults” support group.  I imagined myself as being very disabled and dependent… but now have friends who encourage and give ideas to cope, plus tools and compassion for the challenges.  My friends at ABVI are helping me to choose where to invest my time and energy to surround myself with this sort of friend, inside and outside of the disabled community.

 At ABVI, I have found a home where my laughter and humor is welcomed and encouraged.  I’ve found people who know how to be with those who are too broken to laugh just yet, and I’ve found people who are knowledgeable about the resources out there to make my life more accessible.  

 If you are losing your vision, ABVI will find a way to help you regardless of the other challenges you might face.  Their expansive approach to the individual needs of the client are inspiring and more hope-building than you can imagine…some who need much more deeply than we can fathom.   I’ve been so inspired and helped by this approach to all who come for help.