“I was shocked when I could start reading again”

Joyce spent too many years struggling with declining vision due to macular degeneration and a detached retina.  While a local eye care professional was able to help her with retinal surgery, her vision continued to get worse.  She couldn’t read with a smaller, yet high-powered lighted magnifier.  And she couldn’t see family pictures well enough make out faces.

Said Joyce, “not being able to see is like tearing your heart out”.

After an extended period of time struggling, Joyce was referred to ABVI by her Ophthalmologist.  Our team was able to help her that day.  Once Joyce came to our low vision clinic, our doctor had her try a number of magnification devices and bright-lighting solutions.  Ultimately what helped her most was a CCTV that she tried out in our clinic.  CCTV’s (like the model Joyce is using in this photo), project printed images on a screen monitor and allows the user to adjust the type size, visual contrast and background colors to enhance their particular reading needs.  Our Rehabilitation Therapist visited Joyce in her home, and helped her with effective use of her CCTV.  She also shared more about good lighting, which enhances contrast for individuals with low vision.

Joyce has regained the ability to keep independent.  And that’s very important to her.  Joyce said that for years she couldn’t recognize people in her old pictures.  Now she can see faces, and it feels good to regain her good feelings and memories.  Her improved vision with the CCTV “tricked” her at one point.  Joyce became so comfortable reading clearly that when she turned away to look across her room, she expected to have the same clear vision.  But, said Joyce, “I couldn’t see well at all”.