Confident in his own ability to live an independent life

“It’s important to be active”

Peter WynbeltAt a young age, Peter Wynbelt noticed a change with his vision. While not severe, his eyesight was very questionable. However, he has lived a long and successful life as a husband, father and 44-year employee of Meijer in Muskegon.

Twelve years ago Peter’s vision declined more dramatically. His sight deteriorated as “Tunnel Vision” overtook his ability to recognize a broad angle of vision in both eyes. While significantly challenging to Peter, he was not one to feel sorry for himself or to become inactive. After all, he also took care of his grandchildren regularly.

So how did he respond? Not by sitting at home!

Peter’s philosophy is to be active. His favorite quote is “if life gives you a lemon, make lemonade”. He puts those words into action, defying his vision challenge. He enjoys the out-of-doors walking and occasionally biking. ABVI and Shoreline Vision, in Muskegon, co-host an annual Labor Day run/walk along Lake Michigan. Peter has participated frequently. He has also walked across the Mackinaw Bridge on other Labor Days.

The other way he keeps active is by participating in ABVI’s Muskegon Support

Group regularly.   This provides him and our other members the opportunity to share their questions, ideas, and help provide supportive assistance to others also dealing with severe vision loss and blindness.

Peter is confident in his own ability to live an independent life. He also wants others to be confident with theirs!