What We Do

Help is available with Vision Rehabilitation

To cope with vision loss, you must first have an excellent support team. This team should include you, your primary eye care professional, and our Optometrist specializing in Low Vision.

ABVI’s Professional Orientation and Mobility Specialists, Certified Low Vision Therapists, Occupational Therapist, and   Licensed Social Workers are also available to help. Together, the Low Vision team can help you make the most of your remaining vision and maintain your independence.

Ways We Can Help:

Senior Couple in Meeting

Ask about vision rehabilitation, even if your eye care professional says, “nothing more can be done for your vision.”

Approximately 88% of people classified as legally blind have some useful vision but have low vision.

“Low vision” refers to a loss of vision which cannot be corrected by medical or surgical procedures. Although medication, surgery, or conventional eyeglasses may help, they do not fully restore one’s vision. Low vision is determined by acuity, the amount of detail an individual sees, or by visual field, the area in which an individual can see objects.