What We Do

ABVI’s Professional Orientation and Mobility Specialists, Certified Low Vision Therapists, Occupational Therapist, and Licensed Social Workers are here to help.

Approximately 88% of people classified as legally blind have some useful vision but have low vision.

“Low vision” refers to a loss of vision which cannot be corrected by medical or surgical procedures. Although medication, surgery, or conventional eyeglasses may help, they do not fully restore one’s vision. Low vision is determined by acuity, the amount of detail an individual sees, or by visual field, the area in which an individual can see objects.

Our Services


Loss of vision causes stress for both [patient and their loved ones. Feelings of isolation, anxiety, and depression are not unusual. Our social workers provide compassionate counseling to help you overcome these challenges.

In Home Rehab and Guidance on Daily Living Skills 

Our professional rehabilitation staff can help with daily living skills – cooking managing finances, using a computer, identifying household items and clothing, and how to travel safe alone and with others. These skills can increase your confidence and ability to live more independently.

ABVI Store

Specialized products that help you address challenges caused by vision loss are available for sale at our store in Grand Rapids, MI. Items include handwriting aids, large print calendars, talking watches and clocks, and many others. Stop by and give us a visit, we would will be happy to help you!

Low Vision Clinics

Our Specialists’ in-depth knowledge of low vision aids, technologies and skills training help improve your ability to function on a daily basis. We work with people of all ages. We evaluate your level of vision and create a custom treatment plan just for you!

Free Vision Screenings 

ABVI provides free vision screenings for “at-risk” adults throughout West Michigan. Give us a call to set up an appointment today.

Support Groups

Living with vision loss does not mean you are living alone. More people are challenged by vision loss than you realize. Our peer support groups for both youth and adults provide encouragement, education and friendships.

Assistive Technology, Aids and Appliances

Assistive Technology, Aids and Appliances can improve your ability to carry out daily activities. These wonderful devices support your quality of life and increase your independence.

Specialized vision aids and computer software and hardware improve your ability to read, write, enjoy hobbies and games, and watch television and movies. ABVI has a wide variety of devices to choose from, so you can find what works best for you.

Youth Programs

Without ABVI, younger children would not have the same opportunities as sighted youth. An early start provides youth with more confidence as they enter the 14+ year age group. Our program teaches tasks such as cooking, cleaning, recreational activities, and social interactions.

ABVI is an independent subsidiary of Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Center. To learn more about Mary Free Bed visit www.maryfreebed.com