R.I.S.E. -Employment Initiative

About Reaching Inclusion through Successful Employment (RISE)

ABVI, in partnership with Disability Advocates of Kent County and community volunteers, is creating a program that will augment efforts to gain employment for people living with blindness/visual impairment in our community. The program will first work directly with individuals who are blind or visually impaired to understand their strengths and interests, assist them with their resume and cover letter, teach them about their rights, and prepare them for entering the workforce by teaching them about the types of assistive technology and accommodations available to help them succeed at a job. In addition, the RISE Employment Coordinator will work in the community to build relationships with employers, teaching them about the technology and accommodations available to make the workforce more inclusive for people who are blind or visually impaired. Osman Koromo is the Employment Coordinator and functions as a liaison with local employers, aid job seekers in getting connected with companies who are willing to make the workplace more accessible and inclusive, as well as provide ongoing support to both employees and employers to ensure that people with blindness or visual impairment have equitable employment opportunities. This program seeks to break down barriers and give people with visual disabilities the skills, resources, support, and access needed to build their own futures.

For more information, contact Osman Koromo at (616) 840-8286 or osman.koromo@maryfreebed.com.