Youth Programs

Giving Hope And Restoring Vision To All Ages

Without ABVI, younger children would not have the same opportunities as sighted youth. An early start provides youth with more confidence as they enter the 14+ year age group, when expectations become greater.

Our program teaches different skills such as cooking, cleaning, recreational activities, and social interaction. ABVI’s incredible team of Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapists, Certified Low Vision Therapists and Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialists teach these key life skills through the following programs:

Visual Impairment Youth

Successful Teens Exploring Positive Skills (STEPS)

ABVI helps high school-aged youth gain independent living skills through its STEPS program.  This twice-monthly school-year program:

  • Prepares 14-26 year old youth for their first employment opportunities, college potential, and independent living.
  • Tailors programming to youth to increase their social and mobility skills. This may include independent travel/transportation, verbal and non-verbal communication, financial skills/banking, shopping, cooking, and appropriate dress for business environments.
  • Works in tandem with Kent, Muskegon, and Ottawa County ISD’s/Teacher Consultants for the Visually Impaired (TCVI), creating a career, college, and life-skill development activities beyond those available in the classroom. ABVI also acts as a subcontractor for the Bureau of Services for Blind Persons.

Summer in the City (SITC)

SITC is a free two-week program for youth with blindness or visual impairment that teaches the life skills and education necessary to live independent and productive lives outside of high school, in college, and/or future employment.  

SITC (ages 14-26) Location & Schedule:

Contact Jennifer Helsel to sign up. It will take place July 13-16 and July 31-August 3

The Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired is an independent subsidiary of Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. To learn more about Mary Free Bed visit their website