2017 Annual Report

Since 1913, the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired has helped individuals living with low vision or blindness thrive in a sighted world.  Our founder, Roberta Griffith, was a strong and committed leader whose trailblazing work helped individuals of all ages learn skills that empowered them to live self-sufficiently and with dignity.

Today, ABVI proudly continues Roberta’s legacy through the work of our talented staff, volunteers, and partners.  We continue to succeed because of supporters who generously donate to our programs, services and advocacy efforts. We are grateful for your support!

How Your Support Impacted Our Clients in 2017

824 clients learned new adaptation skills delivered by our Vision Rehabilitation Therapists, Student typing on Braille writerOccupational Therapist, Orientation and Mobility Specialists, and Social Workers.  Vision Rehabilitation Services helped clients live with more independence and confidence.

231 clients and family members attended Peer Support Groups and sustained, encouraged and taught each other about living with vision loss.

285 clients addressed emotional issues caused by their vision loss and accessed additional resources, thanks to our Counseling and Advocacy Services.

No one is denied service through ABVI due to inability to pay.

Improving Lives

95% of our clients, after receiving rehabilitation services, reported that they experienced improvements in the areas of:

  • Independent living skills
  • Financial management functions
  • Recreation and home/environment management.

95% of participants in our Peer Support Groups reported that they received increased awareness of methods, devices and resources to help them remain independent.

Community Services

473 individuals throughout our communities received free Acuity and Glaucoma Screenings in 2017.  40% of those screened were referred to eye care professionals for full examinations.

Quick FactsStaff demonstrating video magnifier to client

  • Over 41% of our clients reported household incomes under $20,000/yr.
  • Women comprised 61% of our clients.
  • Over 12% of our clients were people of color.
  • 70% of our clients were 65 years or older.

Using our Financial Resources

Our most recent IRS 990 reports that over 85% of our revenue was committed to programs and services.  Our total revenue was $976,843, and our expenses were $880,746.

Educational Efforts

470 individuals in the communities in which we serve received education on sight-robbing eye conditions and on the importance of maintaining good eye health throughout their lives.

Focus AheadStudents at community volunteering opportunity

As we look to the future, we know that the need for vision rehabilitation services will continue to grow.  With your ongoing support, family members, friends, and neighbors in our communities will have the tools and resources to live self-sufficiently, with dignity, and to their fullest capabilities.  Thank you!