2016 Annual Report

“Thought, patience, labor, and good teachers—there is no other secret in our success.” Roberta Griffith, founder of the Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired

After 103 years, Roberta’s philosophy still guides our work at ABVI.

And there is one more element to our success. You! Because of your support, we are able to help individuals living with low vision or blindness thrive in a sighted world. Thank you.

Educational Efforts

ABVI display at conference

In June at the Michigan Optometric Association – Michigan College of Optometry conference, we taught eye care professionals about the positive impact that vision rehabilitation can have on the
ir patients’ lives.

During the year, we also presented to community groups reaching nearly 400 people.


How We Helped 

  • Our Vision Rehabilitation Therapists, Occupational Therapist, Orientation and Mobility Specialists, and Social Workers provided Vision Rehabilitation Services helping 784 clients learn new skills of adaptation so they can live more independently, confidently, and with dignity
  • In Peer Support Groups, 236 clients and family members encouraged and taught each other about living with vision loss
  • Counseling and advocacy helped 261 clients address emotional issues caused by their vision loss and access additional resources

Community Services

Staff testing for glaucomaWe provided acuity and glaucoma screenings to 554 individuals throughout the community during 2016. 33% of those screened were referred to eye care professionals for full examinations.

Quick Facts 

  • Over 43% of our clients reported family incomes under $20,000
  • Women comprised 62% of our vision rehabilitation clients
  • 12% of our vision rehabilitation clients were people of color
  • 71% of our clients were older 65 years or older

 Improving Lives

Client being shown video magnifier by optometristOverall, after receiving rehabilitation services, 94% of our clients improved their independent living skills, ability to function in the areas of financial management, and recreation and home/environment management.

Additionally, 95% of the participants in our Peer Support Groups increased awareness of methods/devices/resources that help keep them independent.


Using our Financial Resources

From our most recent IRS 990…83.4% of our revenue was committed to programs and services. Our total revenue was $992,654, and our expenses were $986,981.